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Luciocephalus pulcher

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My LFS just got in some Luciocephalus pulcher, pikehead crocodile fish, which look pretty interesting, anyone have any experience with these? I’ve read low pH and live food only, besides for those things are they difficult to keep/breed. Also are these really a gourami? They dont look like most gourami I am familiar with but I read on several sights that they are.

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Yup they belong to the same family as gouramis, you can still see their modified pelvic fins for sensing things!

76BF9F86-2715-45E0-A13F-CFFC1DC118E1.jpeg.2829728476799ba27bef563d631ab6d8.jpegsource: wikipedia

Neat fish! I’ve seen them once or twice at an LFS but I don’t care to do species only tanks… I think you should pull the trigger these fish are notoriously fussy on their water parameters and food but they are a pocket size gar in behavior from what I understand… which is very little 😋

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