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Recently back into Fishkeeping

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Recently (about 6 months ago)got back into fishkeeping after being given a 10 gallon tank. Kept guppies and mollies as a kid and had a betta for about 6 years in my 20's. Went to YouTube for ideas on setting up the 10 gallon and was sucked in immediately. Quickly discovered fish keeping has come a long was since I last dabbled in it. Now have the 10 gallon with a dwarf gourami, 6 galaxy rasboras, a siamese algae eater, and a mystery snail; a 15 gallon with neons tetras, neocaradina shrimp, 2 amano shrimp,  and a nerite snail. Also have a 32 gallon that I'm waiting to set up. Excited to share and learn here on the forum. I'm in the Orlando FL area and got to meet the crew at Aquashella which was an amazing experience. 






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