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Best CO2 Tips and Tricks?

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Hello! I'm getting ready to try CO2 injection for the first time in my 20 gallon tank. I've got the "CO2 Art Pro-SE Series" complete CO2 setup coming and found a place in town that sells/fills canisters for very reasonable. I've been running a low tech planted aquarium for...around two years now, and mostly feel ready for this step.

All that said, I'm feeling excited-nervous, so I thought I would swing by here and seek some wisdom from anyone willing to share. For those of you who are experienced with CO2, what are your best quick tips and tricks? Or, alternatively, what are your favorite articles/resources for learning about CO2 injection? I've read a few articles and watched some YouTube videos but am looking to learn more! Also if there's any threads here with good info, I'd be happy to go read through them as well if you point me that way.

Thanks so much in advance!

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