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Guppy Fry As a Food Source

BF McUmber

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I have a 10 gallon tank with (3) lipstick goby in it. I feed them frozen food and live blackworms. When feeding the frozen food the gobies do not eat enough to make feeding them really simple (one cube, or one small portion of bloodworms). I was thinking I would get some guppies to put in the tank to get a little more movement in the top water in addition to being able to more easily feed the tank.  

I know that guppies breed like crazy, but how reasonable is it to think that I could use the guppy fry as a significant part of the gobies diet? Are the babies sizeable enough and in large enough numbers to make a significant amount of food in the tank? 

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I’ve never kept gobies. If they’re hunters, maybe it could work.

I put my guppy culls — wild type offspring, damaged spines, etc — into my QT tank. They multiply in there, and _occassionally_ I feed to my colony of Electric Blue Acaras who go nuts for them. (I’ll caution that some folks do not like this practice, and strongly prefer euthanizing fish instead. My thought is just that this is nature’s way)

Anyhow, I’m not sure if your gobies would give chase. But it’s worth a try perhaps. Worst case, you end up with a tank full of guppies ‘n some gobys.

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