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Fin rot or fin loss


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Newbie: I need determining if this is fin rot or tearing. Attached are new and now pics.

I've had the tank setup for 3 weeks and all the parameters are where they should be based on the Co-op's multi-test strips. I have tested the water several times and keeping up on water evaporation. I have a sponge filter (also Co-op) and heater and the temperature is where it should be.

I had a so-called silk plant and a couple of betta hammocks (along with a live plant and moss) in the tank. I suspect the fake items may be the culprits. I removed the plant and rounded the edges of the hammocks to make them smooth.  Hi LOVES the hammocks.

He is eating. He is swimming, but I haven't had him long enough to know what is normal for him. He is the only fish in the tank (3 gallon). Yes, I know...5 gallon is preferable, but my landlord limits to 3 gallons...and I bought the elongated tank at the Co-op. It seems spacious enough.

I have read that treating a healthy fish with medication is bad. I ordered Stress Coat, but I hoping someone can tell me if I should treat with antibiotics?

Thank you.




betta fins rot or loss.jpeg

Bob the Betta.jpg

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From The previously black edges you're able to tell that it's not fin rot. Does he have any tank mates, if so, what species? It looks like he has been a victim of fin nipping. How old is he? 

High Nitrite and Nitrate can (in my experience) cause physical damage to a fish, live plants can help to reduce those.

High lighting can also be problematic.

Best wishes

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It's also good to have some way to measure ammonia, as the multi-test strips don't measure that. They do have a dedicated ammonia strip, if you wanted to buy those. On a mature tank, I think it is less of a possibility, but given yours is a new tank, you can experience bumps in the cycle as it settles in.

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