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Black Tiger Badis

Killi Me Softly

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Was able to finally get 6 beautiful little Tiger Badis. Heavy planted 20g. 3 pygmy cory, 1 Otto, and about 30 neo skittles. Feeding scuds, live black worms, frozen brine and daphnia. Will these little dudes colony breed? I'm set up with mops fry boxes and grow out space if necessary, but I'd really like to just let them be and watch them do their thing. 


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I’ve not kept Pygmy cories, but my bronze cories don’t have many babies survive, even when they were in a species only tank.  It wasn’t a fertility thing since eggs that got accidentally transferred produced 12 babies.  When those babies were transferred back into the species tank, they did just fine at only a couple weeks old.  I would suspect that Pygmy cories might eat tiny hatchlings.  Otos might even eat tiny hatchlings, I know they will eat blackworms and whiteworms.  I’ve heard that neos will mostly leave eggs alone, some even use them as nursemaids for eggs, and I would expect them to leave any hatchlings alone.

Edit to say I clearly posted this in the wrong thread.  Sorry!  😆 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
OK, time to stop for me.  I did post in the right place.

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I had 2 black tiger badis in a tall 6 gallon for a month or so with maybe 8 stems of Elodea and got 6 babies.

With 3 males 2 females in a 20 gal tall thick with hornwort, I got about 70 babies over a few months.

I just scooped them out when they got big enough to notice. Adults don't seem to eat the newly hatched but I have a strong suspicion the juveniles do.

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