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  1. So, how do I go about cleaning the pre-filter sponge on the intake of the hob, when the Clowns keep laying eggs on it?
  2. No there isn't. I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else. It's sad. I really wanted to be able to share and learn with people in my area. I've already learned more in the Co-Op club than I think I ever would of with that association. Thank you Cory and crew for being awesome.
  3. I paid a yearly fee to join my local aquarium association. They do not have monthy meetings, only swaps every few months. The collect table fees. They require already paid members to pay an entry fee. They do not donate to charitable organization. Should I start asking questions or just cut my loses and move on?
  4. These little peppers are starting to grow pretty quick. Are these guys large enough to move to a permanent home?
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