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Hello from the Great Lakes State


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Hi from Michigan. I came to fish keeping recently via an unusual route. We've had hermit crabs for several years thanks to a few trips to the beach shops...well when one of ours started ailing, I did a deep dive and decided they needed more stuff, which required a trip to the pet store. The kids then begged for a fish and 5 gallon tanks were on sale. So I purchased one. 

Luckily that tank had a crank had a crack, so I returned it for a 10 gallon...I also returned the plastic plants for real plants. I had never heard of planted tanks before a few months ago. 

So currently we have a very handsome Betta, a few Nirete snails and lots of plants....we also have 3 Danios, which I bought as tank mates only yesterday, but quickly switched them to a shrimp tank I have in the planning stages because they seemed to be stressing out Betta. I'm in a tight spot here in my area...I feel like our LFS doesn't always have the best looking livestock but the PetSmart doesn't have the best info...hence the suggestion of the danios....when my brain wouldn't remember what nano fish would work .( I really want Amano Shrimp but can't find them in town.) 

Anyway, glad to be here. 


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Indeed, an influx of Michiganders! Good stuff. 

Rene, if you're still looking for tank mates, check out the old youtubes. Aquarium Coop, KGTropics (whom the wife of the duo is an avid betta fan) and a few others have complied some lists of great fish to go with a betta.

And, speaking as a newbie to the forum myself, welcome!

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