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Boesemani Rainbows and Guppies


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I'm currently planning on breaking down my old 450l which is currently home to a breeding pair of angels, six boesemani rainbows, six Denison barbs and a rainbow shark.

The rainbow shark is going over to my 200 gallon tiger barb tank on algae duty. The angels are going over to a dedicated 63 gallon tank of their own so that I can start to capitalise on the breeding a bit. The Denison barbs are moving over to a faster flow tank with some danios. That leaves the Boesemanis.

Part of the reason I want to redo that tank is because it's in the living room and my six month old loves the colourful and active fish, hence I want to make that into a bit more of colour tank. A guppy tank would be ideal. Plenty of space for them all, lots of colour and activity. I just don't have anywhere to move the rainbows to. Water hardness, PH etc they'll be fine together with. I'm just thinking of the size difference but given how peaceful they are I can't see it being an issue (and they may help to keep some of the fry in check...).

Any thoughts?

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