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Baby Betta Needs Help...


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Trying to help this baby veil tail betta. He was in a cup, floating at the surface, breathing heavily, tilted to the side and very pale coloring.


I transfered him to a QT tank with air bubbler, IAL, and a little aquarium salt.

He appears to have a bulge in the rear area of his body...arrow pointed on pic. He further appears to have some discoloration near his head(pic). 

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Ph Low 7.6

Ph High 7.8

Ammonia 0ppm

Nitrite 0ppm

Nitrate 5ppm






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If it's on one side it could be an internal growth or tumor they are common in Bettas I would do a course of maracyn2 active ingredient minocycline is effective at shrinking some types of lumps in food I use a quarter of a packet of maracyn2 1 table spoon of pellets one scoop of seachems focus 1 cap of garlic guard a few drops of water mix well feed a couple of pellets twice a day  for 1week store any leftover medicated food in the fridge

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Colu, Wanted to update you on "Jr." After 4 days on the medicated pellets, he is upright and swam to the bottom of his tank and hung out between his IALs. The bump he had near his rear is gone. He readily comes for food. I am cautiously optimistic and wanted to thank you for the advice. 

Question: This betta is really small and he almost looks as though he way too thin. I've been giving him the pellets twice daily and also giving him baby brine shrimp mid-day. I don't want to constipate him.Any suggestions on how many times a day I should be feeding this baby? I've attached a couple of pics.20220224_093923.jpg.d50e818aefabe98ea2fba00e8727f2f7.jpg


The Koi Betta I got the same day is doing great. Time to cycle another tank for Jr.




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