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Hardwater centerpiece fish

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Two females and a male work for me. They do breed but the babies are so freaking cute. They pretty much come out looking like miniature versions of mom. I guess they’re not what most people would think of a centerpiece fish, but they’re big, colorful and very active. 


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I have a 45 g and know how hard it is to scape all that vertical space, excellent job!

Swordtail males can be pretty aggressive towrd each other and females. They're stunning. My fave are the cauliflower reds. 

Angels are doable in a 45, could start with 3-5 smaller ones and then let them pair off and get the 3rd wheels out. 

Electric blue acaras are a good choice. 

I love my festivum, a group once again of 3-5 would work, they can live with angels as well. 

Pearl gouramis would use all the tank, they are stunning. 

An oddball - I've become obsessed with dojo loaches, especially the golden variety, 1-3 could work. 

3-6 SA puffers. 

Oops I missed the hardwater part, sorry, acaras would be fine, so would the gouramis. 

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