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Julidochromis Need Dithers?

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First off congrats on the Julies!  They are all great fish. 

In terms of your question, depending on how log ago you got them, and how young they are, they'll stick to the rockwock for a while until they are settled in/grown a bit.  I find that mine (J. ornatus), have appreciated being in with my Cyps.  The main thing it has seemed to do for the Julies is to give the subordinate fish someone to hang out with, thus reducing aggression.  I think the main driver of them being out of the rocks is the dominant fish chasing the weaker ones into the open.  Then the dominant fish stay out to "patrol" their favored rocks. 

In short, I think your Julies will come out of the rocks eventually, but if you have the space and water quality to allow for a few other fish, the fish that are going to get picked on (and there will be those) will appreciate it. 

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