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Was outta the hobby for awhile, now that I have more time gunna start again. Just gotta a 29 gal with a Fluval 3.0 light and gunna try my hand at live planted tank! Going to start slow and easy on both fish and plants as I have time to grow. Would love to have a pair of Green Sevrums but the are terrible with a planted tank, at least in my past experience, any help would be appreciated.  Look forward to learning from all y’all here. I wish Aquarium CoOp was around when I lived in Edmonds, WA (1992-2004) but now with the WWW I can learn from them 1500 miles away here in H-Town. 

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Welcome! Since you mentioned starting slow on plants, you might want to consider adding a high plant load from the get-go. It's a bit easier to balance a planted tank (and prevent algae) with a higher plant load. It's especially helpful to start with some fast growing or floating plants, like water sprite, hornwort or water lettuce. These will help suck up excess nutrients and keep algae at bay while your slower growing plants are getting established.

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