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Vinegar Eels Straight into Aquarium?

Shenandoah Aquatics

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On 2/7/2022 at 9:10 PM, alpenglow007 said:

I just started my first vinegar eel culture. I was wondering if I could just take a small pipette into the bottle and pull out vinegar eels and squirt them straight into the aquarium? Would the vinegar be harmful to the fry? I use deans fry rack system and I have automatic water changes going as well. Thanks! 

If you harvest by using a floss plug in the neck of the bottle with clear water on top, you should have pretty minimal vinegar with the eels.  That said, I would be very careful putting them into a small container, but you could dilute even more and be pretty safe or harvest them by pouring through a coffee filter method instead so you can rinse them.

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