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Borneo Hilstream Loaches


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I've seen your post floating for a few days. I didn't answer because I don't have the experience with keeping 2 different Hillstreams together. I have a loner in my Flex9 and I love the little thing. However my impression is that Hillstreams, while somewhat territorial, don't seem to be aggressive to the point of hurting each other- they do a lot of pushing and posturing. Before I got one I've watched a lot of youtube videos with them in breeder tanks (read: "overstocked") and nobody got hurt. I think they're relatively peaceful and once they determine who is in charge they'll be fine. Personally I would try it. That said, I'd probably either have a backup plan for moving them out or if that's not possible, ask the fish store before I buy them if I could bring them back (likely with no refund but worth trying)

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