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A cornucopia 75gal?

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Ive mentioned this idea on some other posts ive made but this is my journal for it so please bear with me.  Also. This idea is somewhat hard for me to explain, so if you have any questions please ask. I am spending some real money here and trying to do the proper research.  My idea is to have a 1.5 to 2 ft tall plexiglass hood with plants growing up out of the water line so that said amphibians have a habitat. There will be no co2 if I can help it but there will be excellent substrate and top notch lighting.      


I am trying to do a dirted and capped 75 gal.  Setup info is below.    I want to eventually have fire bellies or darts in the extended hood I am going to make.     My question is. What plants can I have that would grow way above the water line?  Flowering plants are a great bonus but not required 

Tank info.  

75 gal framed tank.  Fzone 15lt canister filter.  Organic soil substrate in mesh bags.  Either pool sand with pea gravel mix or blasting media cap (haven't decided yet)  fluval plant 3.0 light and some manzanita going up out of the water.  

Fish stocking plans

3 to 6 discus. Some sort of cory and lots of them.  A type of pleco. Not sure what kind, neocardina if I can,      make suggestions here. 

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I know stems will be abound.  Looking to try and get some type of carpeting plant going. I don't intend on doing co2 injection unless it's a very low tech approach to it (see video of cory in the zero water change fish store)  I have thought about a butt load of crypts as well.  Thats why I'm open to suggestions 

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