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  1. I will say this. These lights have alot of blue in all of the led. In my experience. Blue tends to cause more hair algae but idk if that changes with those types of plants and your setup
  2. Most of my stuff is low to mid light. I have zero exp with high tech. Sorry I wasn't of help
  3. My settings are quite different. I had an issue with BBA. After a blackout week and heavy doses of liquid carbon. My setting seems to work for me. NOTE. I have a 32 inch Seaview light that I use for yellow and red light only.
  4. I should also note. My well water parameters. 45 dgh. 44 dkh. Little to no nitrates no nitrites no ammonia.
  5. My major concern is what fish can handle the seasonal extremes. Gold fish like mentioned above are an idea. But I would like to keep some plants. I know they will die off in the winter but horn wort or brazzilian money wort grows fast. Also thinking of just some water lettus or frogbit
  6. Would putting a 300 watt or even smaller heater be beneficial? Running air from the inside may not be doable. Its roughly 30 ft of tubing to get air to tithe air would be cold befor it got there. But I can run a nano pump outside, PROTECTED CAUSE THEY ARNT WATER PROOF, and will probably do just that, the more I think about it
  7. Debating on doing a 150 gal tub next spring. i live in kansas. 90 to 105 summer 50 to 20 average winter. i want to keep it going all the time. what fish will take this temp swing? Keep in mind; it will be out of direct sunlight. and i have no problem putting more air or a small heater to keep it from freezing. in short i want this to be an aquarium but outside....all the time. can it be done and what fish to get. what should i keep an eye on?
  8. Nevermind. I missread your post. I retract my question and go back to sleep..
  9. But does that cycle happen indoors? I could see if you were tubbing. My 65 is in a basement. Stays 70 degrees or so.
  10. Could put a few guppies and let them make thousands. Lol
  11. While I like the nano fish idea. That tank. I would spend 800 bucks on fish. If nano. Lol
  12. Tyvm. Labor of love. The 52 high will be a sight too if. And only if I can get the wood I am wanting
  13. The not dark water tank that I turned into dark water.
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