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New, in WA State


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Hello everyone,

I'm Jamie and I live in Bremerton, WA. Between my boyfriend and I we have 4 tanks and counting. We have 4 empty tanks, a 65, a 75, and two 10 gals. 

I've had tropical fish off and on since I was 5. My Grandmother kept fish and tanks going for 55+ years and my comfort around the idea of fish keeping began with her and my Mom. "My" first fish were 3 Angels in a big tank when I was 5. My first true venture with the responsibility of a tank was a 20 gallon when I was 11. I had that tank for about 18 months, then my next venture was when I was 23 and accidentally bred my giant Danios. Saved 7 fry, one survived to nearly 2" then moved and gave them back to my LFS.

I gave myself a Christmas present almost two years ago of 29 gallon kit and did a year of obsessive research on YouTube (how I found out about the Co-Op) before setting it up in December of last year.

Thanks for letting me join and learn!

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7 minutes ago, Daniel said:

Welcome, so glad to have you here! Are you a dog trainer?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, I'm a trainer. Not currently working as such, however. Between Covid and and a move to a poor location I've had to shut down business operations. But, I'm happy to be out from under the burden of running a small business for now 🙂

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