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Local Fish Club Meetings Locations


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Howdy everyone!

I have recently volunteered for my local fish club to help plan for location spots to host the monthly meetings. Does anyone have an recommendations on where they host their personal meetings to give me some inspiration on where I can start asking?

Currently have a  budget of less than $100 per event. Most events are around 2 hours and on Sunday. Needs to hold around around 15-20 people on average. We have recently been using churches, but since most churches do not allow transactions to happen on premises, we have not been able to do fish swaps at the end of each meeting. 

I have personally brainstormed having them at an American Legion Hall, but haven't done much research past that. 

Any all ideas are welcome! Thank you! 🙂

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Clubs that I have been member of have met at churches, but may be hard to do if meeting on Sundays. The club I am a part of now meets at a local Eagle club. Other clubs I have seen will meet at a restaurant in like a private room, but if doing that, may require that everyone purchase a meal or something. Call around to American Legions, VFW, you probably will have a hard time finding a place with a budget of $100 per meeting, I know the club I'm in pays more than that, but it will also depend on your location. Sometimes a place will give a discount since you are going to be using their facility monthly. 

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