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Betta Fish Ventral Fin split at end


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Noticed my betta fish has split ends in his ventral fin on one side over 2 months ago. Put in Indian almond leaves a month ago and it doesn't seem to be getting better. It is only on 1 fin, no other parts of the body. 20 gallon heated tank with lots of plants and just the betta fish. His appetite is still amazing.

Nitrate: 0-10, has never been above that range

Nitrite, Ammonia: 0

Water temp: 81 degrees

Sorry for the fuzzy photos. He swims around too much!


photo 1.jpg

photo 2.jpg

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Those dangley ventral fins, I've noticed, can just be kind of tattery. Bettas can have natural imperfections in their finnage; I had one years ago who had a notch in his tail, and it was there the entire 2 years I had him.

As long as it doesn't look red, or discolored, and doesn't seem to get worse, I'd say it's just the way his fins are. Keep his environment clean and observe for a few days for any changes. 

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@H.K.Luterman Can they slowly develop tattery fins? He didn't have it when he first arrived 4 months ago. Slowly he went through some color changes in the fin (fin tip turned from clear to white on both sides) and in his body. I think that is just the marble gene doing its thing. Then I started noticing the fin split. Only 2 ends at first. 2 weeks ago it turned into 3 ends. Can they slowly develop tattery fins?

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If there was a small, natural split in the end of the fin, as the fin grows, the split ends just grow longer. That's what happened with my guy's notched tail. 

Here's some pics of what I'm talking about. 

When I first got him, the split was tiny and I figured it would just heal up.



As he grew and his fins developed, they grew longer, and the split became bigger and bigger. 



And you can see in the first pic, his ventrals were a bit tattery as well, and they stayed like that his whole life.  

As long as he's in a good environment, is acting healthy and the fins don't look inflamed, I think there's no need to medicate. It's probably just how he is.

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