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  1. I thought the PH was a little high, getting close to 8.4. So I brought it down slowly with PH down over a few days. He seemed to get better and almost back to normal. Then suddenly he got this open sore at the same spot he had the white patch. I am treating with Kanaplex.
  2. An update: Kanaplex didn't do anything. I did a week of the med trio (Ich-X, Paracleanse and Maracyn). Half way through the treatment, I noticed he darts across the tank sometimes. There is no white spots on him so I finished 1 week of med trio and just switched to Paracleanse exclusively. I am on Day 3 of 5. He still darts occasionally and sits on the bottom of the tank most of the time. His appetite is still very good. Any other meds I should try if Paracleanse doesn't work?
  3. So I did a week of kanaplex. It didn't seem to do anything. I am ready to do Ick x now. Are you referring to Ich-X by Hikari? Or Ick cure by API?
  4. Thank you for the tip! @North Dakota fish keeperIs aquarium salt safe for planted tanks?
  5. My betta fish have had this white/pale patch on his body for more than a month now. There is a white film/fuzzy surface to the patch. He is still eating normal but slowing down a little during the day. Is this a disease that I should be treating? Water Parameter: 20 gallon tank, just 1 fish temperature: 81-82 degree constant Nitrate: 25 Nitrite: 0 Hardness: 300 Buffer: 180 PH: 8 Chlorine: 0
  6. Great. I will just leave it be for now and stop worrying 🙂
  7. @H.K.Luterman Can they slowly develop tattery fins? He didn't have it when he first arrived 4 months ago. Slowly he went through some color changes in the fin (fin tip turned from clear to white on both sides) and in his body. I think that is just the marble gene doing its thing. Then I started noticing the fin split. Only 2 ends at first. 2 weeks ago it turned into 3 ends. Can they slowly develop tattery fins?
  8. Noticed my betta fish has split ends in his ventral fin on one side over 2 months ago. Put in Indian almond leaves a month ago and it doesn't seem to be getting better. It is only on 1 fin, no other parts of the body. 20 gallon heated tank with lots of plants and just the betta fish. His appetite is still amazing. Nitrate: 0-10, has never been above that range Nitrite, Ammonia: 0 Water temp: 81 degrees Sorry for the fuzzy photos. He swims around too much!
  9. Is maracyn oxy the same as Maracyn? Looks like Fritz Maracyn Oxy is what my local store has.
  10. It became a white spot today. Is this getting better or getting worse? Completely beginner here so I am panicking a little. Water parameter remains the same, 0 Amonia, Nitrate and Nitrite. 81.5 - 82 degree temperature. Planted tank, he is the only fish. Shrimps were removed yesterday.
  11. @Colu Thank you! What do I need to treat him with if it gets worse?
  12. Thank you for the tips! I did put the shrimps into the tank and the betta fish moved in the next day!
  13. I just got my betta fish 2 days ago from Aqua Huna. Just noticed he is got a white skin like thing on his left eye. Not sure what it is. Did he hurt himself? Or is it some kind of disease? He is eating and active. 20 Gallon heated tank. Temperature is 82 degrees, with a sponge filter. Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite all 0. He did attack the two yellow shrimps in the tank and I moved them to a different tank this morning.
  14. Complete beginner here. I set up a 20 gallon planted tank and the resident Betta fish is coming in the next 2 days. In the meantime, I am thinking about getting a few amano shrimps to combat the algea. I only have 1 tank, 1 filter and heater. Is it necessary to quarantine the shrimps? Can betta fish get shrimp disease?
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