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Feeding Question for Bottom Feeders


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Hi All,

I have 5 panda corydoras and 2 Dwarf Chain Loaches in my 29 gallon planted tank.  I got them about a week and a half ago and have a question about feeding them.

I have been altering between feeding them half of a frozen blood worm cube a day and a Xtreme sinking algae wafer.  When I feed them the blood worms they seem to LOVE them.  But when I drop in a wafer, no one seems to care and I usually end up taking it out of the tank after a couple of hours so it doesn't dissolve. 

The corys will kinda play with the flake and move it around but the loaches don't seem to care for it. When I take it out after hours, I don't see any nibbles or bites taken out of it.

So my questions are:
1. Should I leave the wafer in until they eat it?  Is a couple hours not enough?  I take it out to avoid it dissolving after a couple hours and don't want ammonia from it.
2.  I know I should alternate their food so they don't just get bloodworms.  Is the bottom wafer the best thing to feed them?  Is there something better for the loaches? the corys?  Should I feed them only the wafer for a week so they get a taste for it?  Are they spoiled with the blood worms?

Thank you so much in advance!!

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Your main problem is that both species are insectivorous and will eat plant matter as a supplement. You may have to experiment with the greens you give them, I think people have success with peas and leafy greens, but my corydoras never ate algae wafers or any greens meant for the other fish. 

I would vary your insect diet as question 2 asks. You can get various frozen ones and if your lfs stocks clean parasite free live foods, they will go nuts for them. 

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Is it Xtreme sinking wafers? My fish aren’t crazy for them a lot of the time. It’s pretty common for me to have fish disinterested in prepared food after I feed say frozen bloodworms, brine or live baby brine. For me fasting my fish by skipping a feeding always increases their willingness to accept prepared food.

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