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Do scuds eat guppy fry?


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All the guppies I have bought at a store died quickly. I decided to try craigslist.  Someone was selling a 10 gallon tank full of guppies of all ages with all accessories because they were moving. 

The tank is a mess. I want to add scuds to the tank to help clean it up.  Will the scuds eat the guppy fry? I think there is plenty of stuff in the tank for the scuds to eat.

Note: This is why I didn't try to start cleaning the tank myself.   The seller did not know much about guppies. She had added a bunch of fry from a friend.  Before I got there, she had pulled all cover for the fry out of the subsrate turning the water a gross brown. I could not tell if the adults had eaten all fry or not because the water was too murky to see fry. I decided to save all the water from the tank and see if there were fry once the waters clears at my home. I am using an extra large sponge filter. I added live plants and am waiting until the water clears, before I add the adults I netted out and have in a bait bucket with tank water, plants and a bubbler.

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