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Is this a parasite?


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My cherry barb has this white thing sticking out… is this a parasite?? I’ve treated the tank recently with expel P, because I’d dewormed the barbs in quarantine a few times but they were still showing signs of parasites. 

He seems to be eating normal (unlike the other barbs which were spitting out food). It’s just hanging there, he doesn’t seem to be passing it, at least not quickly. 

In the photo, you can see the white spot by his pelvic and anal fins. 


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Update: I fed some frozen brine shrimp to see if that would help him pass it, which worked, and whatever it was flopped around for a bit, he flashed some and then it passed. Ugh/ ew, hopefully it’s a dead worm or just poop 😫

(there was a slight pink cast to it, I feed the orange extreme flakes if that matters).




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