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Storing extra fish food (flakes)


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Question on storing extra amount of food.
  1. Which is better?
Store in the refrigerator vs freezer
2. Which method is better?
Store in air tight tostitos/mason jar in fridge/freezer vs deli container vs sandwich size zip bags placed in the freezer bag and stored in the freezer.
I would like to know how everyone store extra food. I like to know container to store the extra food is ok with something light can shine through or just like baking's yeast jar, it has to have tint to it so light would not shine on it as well (but then if you keep in fridge or freezer, it might not be an issue?).
Thank you.
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I use both.  Long term bulk and frozen in freezer.  My weekly Repashy goes in the fridge, along with spirulina powder, brine shrimp eggs, and any thawed frozen that will be used in the next 3'ish days, and random others.

When feasible I leave in manufacturers packaging.  Air tight is usually better than not.

Edit: the baby food is added to the Repashy.

Edit #2: I see this added a link in my post to coop brine shrimp eggs, I do not use coop eggs.



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