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Howdy from the Rockies!

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Hi All! 

Novice aquarist/horrible plant keeper! I haven't been in the hobby long, but I definitely suffer from MTS. I haven't been in the hobby long, but I definitely suffer from MTS. I started with the gateway fish...a handsome betta named Sir Jazmine and have added rasboras, corys, snails and plecos! Even my local Petsmart calls me the betta lady and gives me their sick bettas for free, all of which have survived!

It has honestly been a livesaver to have a hobby that I can do while in lockdown and working from home and my tanks provide a relaxing peace in my room....even the air pumps provide a comforting white noise! I've even set-up a tank for my mom to give her something to look at that is serene since she just suffered her third stroke.

I'm pretty sure my friends are tired of me talking about my fish all the time so it is great to be apart of this community! Thanks Cory for providing a caring environment to talk shop....or tank in this instance! 

10 gallon.jpg




Clayton 2.jpg

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