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Skinny fish, any thoughts?

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8 second video - fish in question is roughly centered in the frame

Sorry for the iCloud link but For some reason I got an error message when I tried to attach a video from my phone. 

I picked these young black-banded sunfish up in early September.  This is the only one that has stayed thin and maybe even gotten worse as time passed.  I’ve treated with a couple rounds of ParaCleanse but there hasn’t been the recovery I was hoping for if it were normal tapeworms.

He does eat but only frozen food (the rest of the sunfish do take the Xtream nano pellets readily). In the video he has just eaten (I specifically target feed him) and his belly is full and you can see some of his siblings that are much thicker than him.  Yet he still stays skinnier than ever. Does anyone have any ideas?


tank parameters are:

temp: 69-70 F

ph: 7.6

nitrate: approx 25 ppm

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On 12/30/2021 at 9:53 AM, Colu said:

If he's eating ok and still losing weight it could be wasting disease you want to treat with Fritz Expel p active ingredient is levamisole or fish aid fish fenbendazole in food 



I have been considering a more aggressive dewormer. He’s picky but I have been able to directly feed him with tweezers so I know he’s eating.

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Have you added the Expel-P or Fenbendazole to the food? That would be the best method to treat with those meds. From what I have read, Fenbendazole won't be effective in the water column alone. You could also try Flubendazole if the fish isn't eating, or trying to eat, but spitting it out.

I have not tried Fenbendazole, but have had good success with Flubendazole, or Levamisole specifically in the food.

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