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Flowering Cryptocoryne wendtii

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On 12/29/2021 at 4:42 PM, Irene said:

I'm so jealous of your "Christmas tree"! What a huge and gorgeous crypt... what's your secret?

So I have a play sand substrate that is deeper than the average person would use. I use easy green once a week and throw some root tabs in every so often. I use shop lights for my tank lights and keep them on 12 hours a day (2 six hour intervals). I have an auto water change system that supplies a little fresh well water every night. I never vac the substrate and couldn't even if I wanted too because it's so fine. I just kind of let it do its thing. Think I've had it for 9 months. I recently found a part of the plant that looked separate from the main growth. Pulled it out and it was separate plants. Planted that and now I'm growing 2 new ones. Now I know how to make more.

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