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A species with an angry angelfish, please.


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I've researched every species of fish I can find, and am not coming up with a good fit for this.

I have a 29 gallon with 1 angry angel, and 6 solid red dwarf platies. I'd love to add something other than red or black, that won't argue with the angel, and won't get chomped by him. (He easily eats slender 1" fish.) In a few months, I'll add some of these platies' fry, currently in a grow-out.

So: Bigger than a slender inch. Won't fight with the angel. Not red or black. Low bioload. pH 8.3.  

If you have ideas, I'll research or re-research them. Thank you!

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I re-looked through the cory species, and still wasn't coming up with one I really liked. 

But that got my attention back onto khuli loaches, so I looked at their details again. They really appeal to me, and match my tank and parameters with one exception. I'd have to be careful getting them adjusted to my high pH. 

So I hunted around online to see if it can even be done, and found quite a few people saying their khulis are healthy at a pH near mine. 

I'll keep my eyes and ears open for more ideas, but I think your corydora suggestion might've landed me on a happy solution. Thank you. 

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