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Planaria worms! Help!

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So basically my 20 gal long tank I believe has planaria worms.. This is worrying to me I'm not exactly sure what to do. Its my first tank and we've have hair algae growing on my moss, a bunch ramshorn snails, and now planaria. I noticed this today. I knew before that we had detritus worms but these clearly look different from them detritus worms. They are on the glass and the have a more pointed/triangular head. I don't know were the came from as we havent added anything new to the tank and just doing our regular cleanings (cleaning the glass every week, removing hair algae, and gravel vacuuming every other week). It may have come from the plants that the ramshorn snails came on. Any tips?? I don't want my fish to be hurt but I dont have any other tanks set up that I could move them to. Nor do I have the space for another 20 gallon tank. At most I have space for a 5 gallon which isn't enough for 6 lemon tetras (one is a baby).. 

Any products y'all recommend? 

Any tips or items you recommend is very much appreciated.

Happy holidays 

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Agree with above. Planarian are fish food and only a real issue in shrimp tanks.  However they and excess snails are an indication of over feeding as well as the substrate needs vacuumed. If it’s heavily planted or substrate does not allow vacuuming hover the vac over the substrate while slightly pinching the line to reduce suction to get as much food and debris up as you can. If the really freak you out try a glass planaria trap and a snail trap to reduce numbers quick. That reducing feeding and cleaning up uneaten food should reduce both snail and planaria issues to healthy proportions for your ecosystem. 

Ps. Do not crush them in your tank. Cut a planarian in 4 parts you get 4 planaria. 

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