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Fish shed Update


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My wife and I moved in September 2021 to the house we are in now. Before I moved, I had started back into the hobby full swing about 3 months prior, I bought a 110 Gallon tank with intentions of a heavily planted community setup. Shortly after getting that started I acquired a 55g tank from my cousin. This I turned into an inverts tank. Fast forward to the move in our new place and we now have a 10' x 10' Shed with Power inside. I decided that was going to be my future fishroom at our new place. Watching Cory and other fishtubers it was difficult not to want Multiple tanks or as people here would call it, MTS. Since then, I have insulated the roof with home made materials..(I should mention, I live in Canada and the last few weeks have been in the negatives at night.) I currently have a 55 gallon, 30 gallon, 20 gallon Hex, (3) 10 Gallons, (1) 15 gallon and (1) 40 gallon pond. They are all driven by sponge and I do heat all the aquariums individually. Doing this, I have managed to keep the shed around 20 degrees warmer inside, in comparison to the outside air. 

I love every bit of having this fishroom and I heard Cory mention something about a fish shed setup on a live stream with Dean a few weeks back. I thought it would be fun to mention I have this going and I need some advice on lighting. I'm struggling with algae, in my 10 gallon tanks which are all side by side on the same light.  

Just a few pictures Ive taken in the fishroom. 

IMG_5361 edit-min.jpg



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Beautiful! I took over our basement, and turned a similar size room into a little fishroom. I’m curious with those cold temps, what do your GBRs handle on the low-end? (By the way, that’s a gorgeous male Ram!)

Just thinking out loud… you might do very well with cold water fish like Rainbow Shiners…


Or some colorful Darters…


As for your lighting situation, I cut pieces of black non-stick cupboard liner to place on my glass lids to filter lighting.

Here is my room with the liners filtering light…


Here is a 33 gal. long, no filter…


Here is the cupboard liner filter placed underneath LEDs (cheap shop lights)…


And here is that tank now…


Same with a 55 gal, no filter…


Add filter beneath…


And now…


Now, to be fair, this won’t eliminate your algae issues. It just cuts back a little bit and calms your fish down.

Random note… I like my walls painted light blue, and enjoy a fake tree in there too 😂

If I recall, MD Fish Tanks used to keep most of his projects in his outdoor shed…


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Your fishroom is awesome! Thank you for the feedback. I am deffinitly going to try those matts, I understand algae is part of keeping aquariums but it is over ridden my shell-dweller tank which currently does not house any plants and is driving me crazy lol 


So I actually did consider just insulating the shed and not heating any aquariums so I could keep cold water fish but I like too many different species that I said screw it lol 

In the picture, my GBR is in my 55G planted community that maintains around 81 degrees, I also have another Ram tank that stays around 84 degrees and to be honest, There is not a noticeable difference in the fish colours or eating patterns. 


On a side note, the picture of Easy green was when I first received it and it has been blowing Seachem Comprehensive out of the water. I am assuming you are also using easy green?


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On 12/23/2021 at 8:59 AM, Fish Folk said:

I assume you hear your shed as well as heat the water? 

No, I actually do not heat the shed, just the water. The sheer volume of heated tanks it seems is enough radiant heat to keep everything a decent tempature! 

Just curious what kind of substrate your using in your tanks to get the growth you have? I dirted my two planted tanks!

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On 12/23/2021 at 10:32 AM, CanadianFishDad said:

Just curious what kind of substrate your using in your tanks to get the growth you have? I dirted my two planted tanks!

I use Eco Complete on my intentionally planted tanks. Black diamond Blasting Sand for cheaper tanks. I toss crushed coral in pretty liberally. A few tanks are sand / fine stone (inert). 

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