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Dead snail


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20211205_163230.jpg.9e3f6e7d9fe3df35c348225ce170772c.jpgI am not sure what is going on in my quarentine tank. All fish were added Nov 25. Last week I noticed a small red spot on the side of one of the platies. I decided to treat tank with aquarium salt. 5T in a 10 gal. bc the red spot/bump had a white dot in the center. I did a partial water change 3 days later bc I have 11 fish in a 10 gal. Water change every other day (partial, approx 40%) the next day one of my oto cats eyes were fogged over, died the next day. Partial water change yesterday, no more salt has been added. A ramshorn snail attached to the aquarium, shell slipped right off of it! Platies of course made a snack of it. Woke up this morn to a dead male platy! Not the one with the spot. (That seems to be getting better now) Now my only other male platy is hanging around the top of the tank or hiding under a rock. 

Inhabitants are 3 peppered cory-all very active, 2 otocinculous also normal activity, 5 platy, 1 molly.

Hornwort, crypt and Java moss

1 med sponge filter, 1 hob filter, temp 79 bc they will be going in tank at 79. 

20ppm nitrate,150ppm ghost, 180ppm kh,7.8ph, 0 nitrite, 0 ammonia. I test daily with strips and liquid test kit since it's stocked heavy. Tank has been set up for a couple months. Successfully qt'd bolivian rams for 4 weeks in same tank.

I am wondering...salt killed snail? Dead snail fishe ate make them sick?? 

Their poop all looks normal. Dead fish was upside down in hornwort. Could it have gotten stuck in there? But that wouldn't explain this other male. Like it's trying to get oxygen.

Any ideas? 

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It's possible it's some type of bacterial infection with the red spot on your platy and your Otto's cloudy eye  I would do a course of kanaplex I would reduce your water changes to 25% twice a week 40% every other day will stress your fish I would only do larger water changes if you have any ammonia or nitrites present 

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@ColuThanks so much for the advice on the water change! I am not a water changer! I typically let my plants do the work til I see something that calls for it. I was concerbed about the load in the qt tank. That is a relief!! I will have to look and see if I have kanaplex. That will be ok for all fish in tank? I suppose you wouldn't recommend if it wasnt.....

Thanks again!

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On 12/6/2021 at 6:01 PM, Colu said:

You might be better dosing the water column I think it would be difficult to make sure your Otto's get enough medication

So maybe just try and mix some in a dish of tank water then pour that in? Last time I used it I fed with it. Worked for clamped fins on wcm. 

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