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Mr Gumby

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Hi folks,

I picked up a couple of sprigs of hornwort at the weekend. It's mainly for my fry tank as it gets fed pretty heavily as you can imagine and I wanted to extend the water changes intervals. Plus places for fry to hide.

I had enough to throw some in my display tank and now I'm wondering if I loosely tie it to one of the ceramic plant rings with clear fishing line so it's growing upwards will there be enough light at the bottom?

I've got a good carpet of cryptocryne and could easily hide the ceramic ring amongst them


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On 11/10/2021 at 2:11 PM, anewbie said:

depends on how tall your aquarium is and the type of light you have on it but i suspect it will be fine; i have some in a pail with no light and while it is a bit pale it still grows.

It's about 20 inches from the light to the substrate and I run an aquasky.

Hopefully if yours grows with no light it should grow ... fingers crossed...my spray bar just pushed it to one corner which didn't look great

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