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Killi Breeding Startup Again

Fish Folk

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Last year, I had a lot of fun breeding Fundulopanchax Scheeli. I’ve decided to start pulling eggs again from the spawning mop. Something about pulling, picking, and returning the mop helps to trigger the Killis to spawn.

But I found one hatched fry already in the breeding tank. Parents leave them alone once they reach a certain size.

The water is lightly stained with tannins due to a Rooibos tea bag I float for about 24-48 hrs.

Here is an example of a Killi egg in the mop. I pulled four this morning. On a good week, I get about 10x per day. I like to pull 50x eggs. I might get 12-20 fry from that.

They take 2-3 weeks to hatch, and require micro foods for a week until they can take freshly hatched artemia nauplii.

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