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Dead Aggie

Zach K

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Hello, a week or two I saw my male red Aggie was breathing alittle heavy, didn’t think much of it. He was still eating a lot and being very active and normal. Last night I noticed he was alittle off but was still eating but acting different and breathing heavy. Today when I came home he was upside down and breathing very heavy, he is on his way out. I didn’t want him to suffer so I euthanized him. A couple months ago I had some issues with Gill flukes and killed three gold rams, but I haven’t had any issues since. Not sure if this is the same issue. But the Aggie had no soars or bloating, but the rams did. The Aggie seemed completely normal minus the heavy breathing but no sores or anything of the sort. Can gill flukes lie dormant for a time? No fish have been added since March. 


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