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Pleco retrieval

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Hello all, I have a 3” or so long fin super red bristlenose pleco in a heavily planted 40 breeder. I’d like to net it out and place it in my 40 gallon pond, however I don’t see it possible without removing most wood/decor from the tank. Are there any hacks/tips for netting it out without removing anything from the aquarium? Thank you kindly 

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@lefty o So I gathered 2 nets and was about to do exactly what you said, but the pleco was resting on a dwarf aquarium Lily’s leaf, so I attempted with 1 net to just scoop it out. I got it!!! First shot. I instantly thought “what a dope I am” I probably should have attempted before posting, but it seemed too busy in there to not cause a ruckus. Well that’s that and thank you very much, I will use the technique you listed in the future. Good stuff! 

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