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Are my Corys Okay?


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I recently added seven C. plaetus to my 55 gallon from quarantine, and all seemed to be well with them.  They have been doing the expected Corydora stuff of swimming around on the bottom, running after wafers, following each other and hanging out on the Anubias.  They are not shy, though I don't constantly see them, this is a large tank with lots of plants and driftwood and these guys are less then an inch right now.

Last night I noticed they were all swimming around in the mid and top of my tank.  They mostly do this as a group, though a couple do it on their own. Water parameters are fine, no issues there, and their tankmates are all very peaceful.

Do I need to worry about them?  They are active during the day when I look at them, but nothing like I saw last night.

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They mostly seem to be to be swimming around in genera, I haven't seen them stick by the plants.  Now that I think about it, they did seem to be in groups of three...

Are they old enough to actually do this?  They are just so tiny right now, I expected them to get larger before I saw anything like that, plus they were just added last Saturday.

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