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Fluval Flex 32 light question


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I recently relocated from Dallas, TX to Santa Fe, NM for work.  I completely liquidated all of my aquarium stuff before I left.

Now that I'm settled in to my new place, I've ordered a Fluval Flex 32.  Is the Aquasky light which comes with the kit, strong enough to grow plants sufficiently?  

I had several Fluval "Plant" lights on my old setups and loved them.

Any input would be appreciated!

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Hi @Cz1989, thought I'd pipe in, I have a Flex 9, and while it wouldn't come with the same light of course the stock light is actually one of the stock items I really like about this tank. I'm growing Bacopa Caroliniana, Anubias and Java Windelov with the light at about half power (mixed with orange) and they are doing well. Granted not complex or difficult plants but I think Fluval did well with the lighting on this line. 

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