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Plant melt after switch to Easy Green?

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I was regularly dosing Flourish Comprehensive and Excel in both of my planted tanks. I recently switched in the last 2 weeks to dosing Easy Green and Easy Iron.

In the past few days I've noticed my Swords (melon) in one tank melting on a couple leaves and my Hydrocotol Japan in my other tank really flattening out and the leaves look quite a bit smaller than usual.

My 33gal with the Swords is about 4 months in and pretty well established. My 20gal with the Hydrocotol is about 2.5 months old.

Could switching ferts cause issues with plants? It's making a change to the water chemistry so I'm assuming yes. 

Has anyone had this happen? Any advice?

Fyi, I'm still dialing in how many pumps and how often. Maybe I'm overdosing?

I'll get some before and after the switch pics after work if that helps with troubleshooting.

Hopefully it's normal and the plants will adjust. I'm just nervous about the issue. Thanks!!!!

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