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Microfauna Identification


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TLDR: What are these guys?

I tried making algae in this tote in my window, with great results. But before I managed to make any, I hiked to the pond near my house and brought home a baggie of duckweed and threw some in there. I noticed the other day I had some seed shrimp in there, and some daphnia who hitchhiked in with the duckweed. So I started feeding them. That's when I noticed these dudes as well. Only saw a couple hiding under the duckweed at first, now they have exploded in population. There are still less of them than most of the tote inhabitants, but there are a lot more than there were. 

They move very fluidly sometimes, but other times in quick stuttery spurts. They seem to be adverse to light as well, if I shine a flashlight on them they tend to bug out and hide under a duckweed or just try to get away, sometimes they dont seem to mind though, so I dont know if it's the light per se. I know the pics kind of grainy and they are tiny, but hopefully it's enough. I tried to catch some in a clear pipette for a better look, but they are quick!



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On 9/25/2021 at 10:54 PM, Colu said:

They look like Cyclops

Oh wow, I think you're right. I should have dug a little deeper on that, cause when I initially looked up cyclops the other day all the pics I found looked like this K0021611-Cyclops_micro-crustacean.jpg

without the little...whatsits trailing behind them. but a little more scrolling and I found this 

http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/mag/imagsmall/copepod.jpg I'll have to do some reading on these guys

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