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Flowerhorn with bichir ?

Colby mif FIN

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This honestly depends on the temperament of the Flowerhorn. Is the Flowerhorn a male? I've had some in the past that wanted nothing to do with a tankmate, and others that were so docile that they could have been picked on by a Molly. 

When it comes to introducing anything to a Flowerhorn, the best method is to split the tank with a clear divider or with eggcrate (as long as the Bicher cannot fit through the holes.) The Flowerhorn must be able to see it's new tank mate and get used to it being within the same space. After a few weeks, if the Flowerhorn hasn't broken down the divider you can remove the divider and introduce the two. I would strongly recommend keeping an eye on them for a good while post introduction.   

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@Colby mif FIN Years ago, I housed Larry a 9” Zen Zhou/Red Dragon with an 8” Endlicheri Bichir in a 75 gallon until the bichir got moved into a mixed bichir setup elsewhere. 
Personally, I would give the bichir hiding spots (Malaysian Driftwood) on both sides of the aquarium. Place the bichir in first. Let it get accustomed to its new home, for about 30 days or so (the longer, the better) then add the FH. 
Do you have a way to target feed the bichirs? It’s not easy getting anything past a FH. 
Also worst case scenario, you could always divide the aquarium using egg crate. Cut out 3-4 holes just large enough for the bichir to fit, but not the FH. This will give the bichir  am escape plan, in case Godzilla decides to act like Godzilla. 
In all reality, it’s going to come down to the personality of the FH. I’ve owned a few and their personalities vary. I’ve owned a highly territorial male and I’ve owned a very gregarious male. Good luck and hope this helps. 



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