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Goldfish...what to do?


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😑 So I suddenly find myself with 2 common small Goldfish. I have no interest in keeping them other than to appease others a bit.

They are currently in a 2 g. pitcher (normally used for water changes).  I do have an old 3g? QT tank? It was once our Beta tank. I think there is a small filter for it somewhere.

😞 Really didn't want another tank now - esp. not for Goldfish. Have a 20 long, an 18 high, a 10 g that was a qt for loaches - who are now maybe too happy to move.  And I just got a 1 g? for a Beta - a pink castle someone had their heart set on. 

Wondering if I can swing it in the 3 g for some time.

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No.   I had 2 in a 10 gallon before I knew any better. I had to change the water every week.  And it wasn't enough. 

I'd rehome them if you can't get a 40g for them.   I'd love to have a goldfish tank again, but I don't have the space for the tank needed. 

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