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Treating fungus


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I noticed 2 spots on the tip of my Angelfish's dorsal fin.  On closer look they appeared to be fuzzy like a q-tip kind of texture.  Difficult to see in the photo.  He does not like the camera one bit, so it was hard to get anything. 

He doesn't seem to have it anywhere else.  Not sure if it was from injury or not.  May have been nipped (not likely as he's the tank boss).  May have brushed up on an ornament or something.   Tank temp has been a few degrees higher than norm due to local heat waves that have gone on for weeks.  I would say the tank hit about 81c for a while, so may have stressed him a bit.

Treatment and Tank details below.  Wondering how long it takes to cure it, and if I'm going about it the right way?

I'm in Canada, so only use what meds I have on hand when really needed.  I still have General Cure, Erythromycin....Have been using it as he didn't seem to get better with frequent water changes. 

Treatment so far:

  • 50% water change, deep gravel vac
  • Removed purigen
  • Conditioner: Fluval Aqua+ (has aloe in it for their skin.)
  • Started with ich-x about 2 weeks ago.
  • 50% water change about 4 days into treatment and re-dosed Ich-x.
  • Didn't see a big change in the 2 spots, but didn't get worse
  • 4-days in...another 40% water change
  • Added does of Erythromycin and ich-x
  • 2nd spot now gone
  • Doing another water change today and will re-dose both meds

Tank details & tankmates:
Water Parameters: (well planted tank, my numbers are always like this)
Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 5.0

Tank size: 29g planted tank
Filters:  Tidal 55(reduced flow to low) + sponge filter, bubble wall and a few smaller airstones through the tank
lighting: Aqueon hood with 2 light strips. 
Temp:  79C
Angelfish: about 1.5yrs old, other fish going on 3yrs
Tankmates:  5 black neon tetras, 1x hillstream loach

Norm do water changes / gravel vac every 2 weeks.   Numbers are always good.  Water needs to be topped up, and I gravel vac to get rid of detritis.

Photo with affected area circled



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