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My first cichlids


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I’ve never owned any type of cichlids before, the aggressive nature makes me nervous.  But, I recently purchased 3 of these pretty little gems.  They are supped to be red shoulder Severums.  Right now they are only 1.5 inches and after 5 days I’m already in love with them.  They are in my 120 gallon tank with 10 adult diamond tetras and 10 adults blue emperor tetras.  The emperor’s are as large as the diamonds to my surprise.  So far the severums have been a bit shy and taking a bit of chasing and aggression from the diamonds.  Does anyone know if these severums will keep their dark black bars as they grow?


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If you think they are pretty now, you're in for a treat once they grow older. IME these guys keep their bars, but will change their intensity of their color based off of mood and if they are courting a mate. Severums are great cichlids and you'll definitely enjoy them. Be careful, now that you've opened the door up to cichlids... These won't be the last...

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