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Red streaks/spots on blind cave tetras


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Hi, everyone-

I am relatively new to this forum but have received great advice for my molly from several members (thanks Colu, XxlinkedphoenixX and guppysnail) and I am so grateful for it. Although she ended up passing away, Mione did initially improve quite a bit with your help, and at least passed away with me by her side. I also feel like I did everything I could to save her.

So, on the bright side, my fish sitter did an amazing job while I was away for a week. All of the fish in my 7 tanks look happy and healthy —except my blind cave tetras— I’ve noticed these red areas, although they are still eating and behavior seems normal.   

I measured tank parameters after I performed a 40% water change last night, and they were: 

29 gallon tank (cycled for >1 year)

80 degrees F

KH 8

GH 15

ph 8.2

Ammonia 0.0

Nitrite 0.0 

Nitrate 0.0


There are currently 2 blind cave tetras (I tried for months to get more of them but  my LFS couldn’t get them) and two mollies. Bc of m/f imbalance, I added two young female mollies to the tank last night, so now there are 6 total fish in the tank. 

I also realize that my parameters are somewhat high for cave tetras (I just added some buffers last night) but would warmer, alkaline water produce those streaks? 

I just want to do the right thing by them and my mollies if possible. Thanks in advance. 






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I am not that familiar with Mexican blind cave fish while looking at pictures of them for sale most of the fish in the pictures had the red streaks it's probably nothing to worry about I can not be 100% sure  I would keep a close eye on them over the next week make sure everyone eating ok and the streaks aren't getting any bigger if you think they have started to get worse then I would do a course of AAP spectrogram 


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