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Camallanus worms AND Tapeworms???


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I recently started a topic about treating Camallanus worms with Expel P. I'll put the link to that thread below:


Over 24 hours have passed since treatment, and for the first time ever I am noticing white stringy poo associated with tapeworms. Now I'm worried that I'm dealing with 2 parasite infections at once. I know the Expel P does not treat for tapeworms. I feel like I should probably wait until my 3 weeks of Expel P treatment pass before I dose another med. I have API's General Cure on hand, which looks to have the same active ingredients as ParaCleanse. I don't want to overly stress the fish, but I also don't want to lose any to these pesky worms. Should I wait or piggy back the 2 meds? Thanks in advance. You guys on this forum always give the best advice!

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White  poop can be poop with no food in it if they haven't been eating that probably what's happening I would keep treating for camallanus worms for 3weeks and monitor if after that they still have white stringy poop then I would treat with paracleanse or general cure

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