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Chili Rasbora swimming in place

Karen B.

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So, I am finding out that if you are anxious amd easily stressed, owning fish is definitely not the most relaxing hobby… 😳

Couple weeks ago, I changed my filter. It made surface bubbles and I think it triggered my honey gourami into breeding mode. My Chili Rasbora would stay in one corner, no longer swimming back and forth. However I never saw the gourami actively chase them. I put back the old filter and everything went back to normal… until today. Once again my Chili are swimming in the same spot. It’s not my honey gourami as he swims through them and they do not care.

Could it be caused by my corydoras? Today they are absolutely bonkers, swimming everywhere, at least 3 females laying eggs… 

When my Chili Rasboras stay still like that, should it worry me?

community tank, planted, cycled, temp about 75, ph 6.8, kh 2, gh 11, 0/0/10. WC every week or 2 weeks depending.
1 honey gourami, 9 chili rasbora, 7 false julii cory, 5 otocinclus and 4 nerita snails.
2 filters : Aqueon HOB quietflow 20 and a sponge filter




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This may just be their response to the cories breeding.  When cories breed, they bumble around and don’t always pay much attention to where they’re going.  The chilis may just be unwilling to risk being run over by a cory bulldozer.  If they are acting normally otherwise, the cories will be done in a day or so.  If the cories are obviously done breeding and the chilis are still isolating themselves, then you’ll need to keep searching for a cause.

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