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Remove Angel Parents After Laying Eggs?


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First and foremost, don’t let the size of my post fool you. It is actually really simple.

Honestly, it depends on the parents. Some angelfish will eat the eggs, while others will do nothing, and others will care for the eggs to death. If this is your first time breeding angels, I recommend leaving the eggs in and seeing what happens. If they eat the eggs(remember that all angels will eat eggs with fungus. Don’t get this confused), than now you know to remove the parents. Some angelfish will lay eggs and lose interest. This usually happens with young angels, but they will learn eventually.

A must is to put an air stone in the tank and direct a fine stream of air onto the eggs. This artificially oxygenates the eggs since the parents aren’t there. 

 If you do remove the parents, put in a few drops of Methylene Blue from fritz, or I have heard that pimafix helps too. Both are optional, but help reduce the chance of egg fungus. 

Remember, it will likely take a few tries before you can succeed in hatching the eggs.

One more note is that I have 3 angels, and 2 of them spawn regularly. I just let them do their thing though as I have no tanks to spare. I only saw one angel in the picture. Do you have a male? The eggs won’t hatch without a male to fertilize them.


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I have two Angels and this is there third try. The first was a community tank and they laid eggs on the heater, and those eggs disappeared.

The second attempt angels have own breeding tank and laid eggs again on heater. They ate those eggs very quickly.

I bought an amazon sword plant and they immediately laid eggs on it. The eggs are smaller than the previous eggs. My wife said that the previous batch of eggs looked bad. Its been 24 hours and they have not eaten those eggs as far as I know.


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Based on Angel Fish nibbling beyond infected eggs I have placed the Angel Fish back in the community tank. They remain just behind the glass staring out towards their babies. They even know where their breeding tank is in the other room.

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