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Hello From Idaho

Rebecca Kim

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Hello Everyone, I'm Rebecca from Idaho. Been back into fish keeping about 1 year! Have been following Cory and all of the groups wonderful wisdom! I have 3 tanks currently, with Panda Cory Cats, Platies, Harlequin Rasboras, Cardinal Tetras, Black Neons, Bettas and 1 new Angelfish. I was wondering if you could help me ID this new Angelfish. Came from LFS, under "assorted". What type or types do you think it is? Thank you! 

Angel 1.jpg

Angel 2.jpg

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Definitely too young to sex.

I often get several juvenile angelfish and raise them up in the same tank. Eventually you will notice that 2 of the angelfish hang out together all the time. At that point you have pair.

It is still probably not clear with a pair is who is who, but once they begin breed, and I know this sounds obvious, it is the female that lays the eggs.

It only then I know what sex my angelfish are. If anyone else on the Forum has better method I would love to know!

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