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  1. Thank you ange & TH Fishkeeping. I did read this on them "Beyond simply being an attractive fish species, Bolivian Rams are very tolerant of a variety of water conditions including pH, temperature and water hardness".
  2. Hello, I am thinking of adding a couple of Rams ro my community tank. Temp 82 and relatively brackish water. I love the look of both GBR's & Bolivian. I want something peaceful and hardy. Not looking into breeding them. And are they fin nippers? Which do you prefer and why? Thank you.
  3. Ok thank you. I just love it so much, I'm thinking of getting another small one. If it turned out they were both males, would they be aggressive towards each other?
  4. Forgot to ask. Is this a "Veil Marble"? Thanks.
  5. Thank you Daniel! It is very curious and eating well. ☺️ Is it too young to sex yet?
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm Rebecca from Idaho. Been back into fish keeping about 1 year! Have been following Cory and all of the groups wonderful wisdom! I have 3 tanks currently, with Panda Cory Cats, Platies, Harlequin Rasboras, Cardinal Tetras, Black Neons, Bettas and 1 new Angelfish. I was wondering if you could help me ID this new Angelfish. Came from LFS, under "assorted". What type or types do you think it is? Thank you!
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